And the Song Continues On…


Where, When, and Why did singing the National Anthem at sporting events become a “thing”?

“O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” Sounds familiar doesn’t it? This notable phrase is the final one in the nation’s National Anthem or Star Spangled Banner, whichever you prefer. At the beginning of NBA games, NFL games, MLB games, and almost every other sport, we all stand and place our hand over our heart to sing this song to the top of our lungs. Ever wonder how that started?’s article titled, “The song remains the same,” said it best when they stated:

Our nation honors war. Our nation loves sports. Our nation glorifies winning. Our national anthem strikes all three chords at the same time.

According to an article on the Washington Post website titled, “A brief history of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ being played at games and getting no respect,” it began during the 1918 World Series when the nation was at war. Over time, it has grown to just become a natural thing that we take part of before sporting events. Many have gained remarkable success from singing the anthem, such as Whitney Houston, and others have almost ruined their careers. We’re all especially anxious to see who is chosen to sing it at the big events such as the NBA Finals and the Super Bowl. It’s now a very big deal and very important to show our respect to our country and to the brave souls who fight every day to protect it.Want to learn more? Check these out

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