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How did professional athletes welcome Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States into office?

The 2016 election is one that will go down in history for many reasons. It has to be the most media-based election due to television, social media sites, and radio. Many voiced their opinions on the outcome of the election, including some of our beloved athletes.

Check out some of the left side comments:

9 Nov 2016: “…Time to educate and even more mold my children into being the greatest model citizens they can become in life! They will continue the legacy beyond life! Lastly, Even if whos now in office doesn’t, Know that I LOVE YOU’LL!!!” -LeBron James via Instagram

9 Nov 2016: “It’s 2016, and the President-Elect/leader of the free world is a former reality tv star. What a time to be alive…”-Lance Briggs via Twitter

9 Nov 2016: “woke up this morning wishing it was a nightmare & sadly it wasn’t. @realDonaldTrump is our President.Expect the worse & pray for the best” -Takeo Spikes via Twitter

Now check out some of the middle to right side comments:

9 Nov 2016: “@realDonaldTrump is now our President Elect, my faith begs forgiveness, he has made many mistakes but as our leader we need to pray for him”-Huston Street via Twitter

9 Nov 2016: “No matter who the president is, we all still have the choice everyday to be positive, respectful, and to spread love to one another.” 9 Nov 2016 -Evan Turner via Twitter

9 Nov 2016: “Last thing i will say… LETS GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO PROVE US “non believers” WRONG. ” -Garrett Temple via Twitter

 As you can see, our athletes made sure to voice their opinions on the outcome of the election. Some explicitly showed their disapproval on social media, whereas others displayed theirs through other means.”The Bucks, Grizzlies and Mavericks have decided to stop staying at Trump hotels on road trips to New York City and Chicago in an effort to disassociate themselves from the controversial President-elect, according to an ESPN.com report.”

On the other hand, there were many athletes who were optimistic about the presidency. They didn’t necessarily stamp their approval on the outcome, but called for America to remain positive and hopeful for the future. This was very necessary for them to do. Many look up to them. They are public figures broadcasted on a stage that millions can see. Therefore, I appreciate their upright honesty and professionalism towards the topic. This shows us the right way to voice our opinions rather than acting out and potentially damaging our reputations. #violenceisNOTtheanswer #professionalismisKEY

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