We Support You, Trayvon Martin.


In honor of his recent birthday, here’s a look at the support he received from athletes across the world.

13 Jul 2013: “America justice system is a joke.”-Kendrick Perkins via Twitter

This was a tweet from former Oklahoma City member Kendrick Perkins following the Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman case’s verdict being reached.

In case you’re unaware of the situation, basically Trayvon Martin (at the time was 17 years of age) was an African American teenager who walked to a local convenience store to purchase skittles and an Arizona Iced Tea. While walking home, him and George Zimmerman had an encounter that led to Trayvon being shot by Zimmerman. Zimmerman made the claim of self-defense, but many felt that this could not have been accurate. Trayvon, a 17-year old teenager against a grown man like Zimmerman was self defense that led to him being shot and killed? Many had questions. However, after a long trial, Zimmerman was found not guilty for second-degree murder.

Many were outraged because they felt as though justice wasn’t served for Trayvon. Even athletes took to social media to reflect on such an event.

13 Jul 2013: “You get jail time for dog-fighting or shooting yourself but get off after killing a teenager….doesn’t make sense to me.”- DeAndre Jordan via Twitter

13 Jul 2013: “I can’t believe this he KILLED A CHILD and received no punishment of any sort from the justice system !!!
RIP Trayvon Martin”-Russell Shepard Jr. via Twitter

13 Jul 2013: “I guess they paying us back for O.J.”-Derrick Coleman

These are just a few of the many outraged athletes’ tweets from that evening. The jurisdiction stunned people all across the nation.

(AP Photo/LeBron James via Twitter/photo from TheNation.com)

Here’s a picture of the Miami Heat basketball team that year. They are all shown with their heads bowed down with their hoods over their heads to represent Trayvon. This event and many others led to the political movement we all know now as #BlackLivesMatter. From kids, to teachers, doctors, and professional athletes, these events have taken a toll on all of our lives. To trust or not to trust the American system…that is the question.

Heading image from creativecommons.org



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