NBA Age Requirement: Is it a Problem?


On an episode of First Take, the hosts take on this subject to discuss whether the 19 year age requirement is fair for NBA players or needs to be altered.

The topic arose from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver who wants to look into the NBA’s age minimum. According to an article on the Larry Brown Sports Blog, both he and NBPA director Michele Roberts agree that this is an issue that needs attention. The only thing is deciding to raise the minimum or to decrease it.

On this particular episode of First Take, they focus on whether immaturity is the focus of this concern for the age requirement. Will Cain talks about how he feels that the NBA shouldn’t take the “paternalistic” approach to say that 17 and 18 year olds aren’t ready for the NBA unless there is data proving otherwise. Who’s to say that a 17-year-old isn’t as mature as someone who is in their mid-twenties?

I feel that the age requirement shouldn’t be changed. The system shouldn’t have the authority to tell someone their maturity level. What scale measures immaturity? Exactly. LeBron James, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant were all drafted right out of high school and turned out to be fine in my opinion. They have each set standards high enough to reach the sky for players behind them. A suggestion would be to add an educational requirement. Maybe the NBA should require a year of college basketball for an athlete so that they will be able to learn time management and discipline before they reach the pros. This might be the solution for the problem of “immaturity” because age is just a number but what a person has learned and the experiences they have faced are really the true tests of maturity.

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