The NBA Gives Back

NBA Cares Charity Event

Through the NBA Cares Organization, players are able to serve their communities and take a stance on social issues.

NBA players don’t just play the game. They have a much bigger role than that. Athletes have such a large impact on the world due to their popularity. They’re always in the media whether promoting a political candidate, endorsing a brand, or simply doing something big. People look up to them so, seeing them do great things for the community goes a long way.

The NBA Cares Organization has been around since the year of 2005. According to the website, their mission is to be the league’s global social responsibility program that builds on the NBA’s mission of addressing important social issues. The athletes commit their time, effort, and money to address certain issues within communities around the world.

NBA Cares programs and participants have provided more than 3.7 million hours of hands-on service and created more than 1,040 places where kids and families can live, learn or play in communities around the world.  The NBA also engages more than 12 million youth annually, inspiring play and teaching the values of the game.

There are also several breakout programs within the organization including: NBA Green, My Brother’s Keeper, and NBA Fit. The Women’s National Basketball Association is also involved with NBA Cares. Their particular section is titled WNBA Cares and they include several programs as well including Breast Cancer Awareness. This entire organization has changed the lives of many and has contributed to making the world a better place. A quote from Nets’ MarShon Brooks sums up this impact:

“Kids tend to look up to guys who are on TV, who they see a lot,” Brooks said this week. “Kids look up and see us every day. Kids want to be like Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. It’s huge when they can meet somebody that’s close to them.”


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