The Huge Pay Difference between the NFL and NBA

Image result for moneyNBA players’ contracts have a noticeably larger amount attached to them rather than the NFL. Why is this?

NBA players’ contracts are out of this world. releases the salaries of these players. LeBron James, the highest paid NBA player, has the salary of 30.6 million. Following him are Mike Conley and Al Horford at 26.5 million. NFL quarterbacks’ salaries are ranging between 17 million to 23.9 million according to Pro Football Reference. What explains this huge gap between the two professional sports?

SB Nation seems to have all of the answers. According to an article on the site, there are about 5 reasons why.

  1. NBA players get a slightly bigger slice of league revenue than do NFL players.
  2. There are almost four times as many NFL roster spots as NBA roster spots.
  3. The NBA’s player maximums inflate the salaries of the middle class.
  4. The NBA player pool is much smaller.
  5. NBA players last longer.
  • The NBA rookie scale is damn small.
  • The NBA’s salary cap structure diminishes the role of non-guaranteed contracts.

These reasons make sense. NFL players don’t put in near the amount of years that NBA players do due to the extremity of the sport. Also, there is a larger pool of NFL players so the money has to stretch more, whereas the NBA pool is smaller. Basically, it’s just all in the business.

What does this mean for the future of the two organizations? Not much I guess. These reasons are solid as to why NFL players’ contracts won’t see near the amount of a NBA contract. If you ask me, both organizations are making millions by providing us, the consumers, entertainment in a stadium or on TV in our own homes…..Maybe I need to quit my day job and get on the court.


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