The NFL and Politics

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From Kaepernick and the national anthem protest to some Patriots’ members refusing to visit the White House… Is this too much “politics” for the NFL to handle?

There has been so much going on in the NFL this past year that wasn’t directly related to football. Lately, politics has taken over the organization. I recently wrote a blog about Kaepernick’s Anthem Protests. This was a huge deal and suggests this situation made a direct impact on the number of people tuning in to games this season.

When broken down by race, a fifth of African Americans blamed Kaepernick as a reason for not watching the NFL, while a a third of whites and a third of Latinos say the same.

Now, since the Super Bowl, many have questioned Tom Brady on his political beliefs involving President Trump. Tom chose not to answer and gained more backlash for that.

I feel that NFL players should be able to exercise their right to free speech which includes politics. However, I feel that there is a time and a place for it. Let’s try keeping the field for the game and the podium for the politics.

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