Texas Transgender Policy Sparks Controversy

Euless Trinity’s Mack Beggs, left, wrestles Grand Prairie’s Kailyn Clay during the finals of the UIL Region 2-6A wrestling tournament at Allen High School in Allen, Tex., on Feb. 18,. (Nathan Hunsinger/Dallas Morning News via AP) (picture and caption on washingtonpost.com)

High school student and wrestler Mack Beggs was born a girl, but recently made the transition to become a male. The article titled, “Texas policy forces transgender teen boy to wrestle against female athletes at state championship”, in the Washington Post describes his story.

Many felt that since Beggs had underwent the transition period to becoming a boy, including testosterone therapy, then he should wrestle with the male category of the wrestling competition instead of the female. There were many reasons for their feelings, but the main one was safety. Many parents felt that their girls would be more prone to getting hurt due to Beggs’ masculinity. Therefore, the article goes on to point out that many of the other females in the competition forfeited due to this policy. However, Texas Policy remained in place. The article includes a report from the Dallas News at the time that describes such policy:

…some 95 percent of Texas superintendents voted in favor of an amendment to the constitution of the University Interscholastic League, the state’s governing body for public school athletics, that requires student athletes to compete as the gender listed on their birth certificate.

This situation sparked tons of outrage. While some supported this Texas Policy, others were furious. They felt as though this was sparking negativity and hatred against the transgender community. However, Beggs went on to compete in the state championship and won. He chose not to give up the sport he loved and went on to compete despite the adversity that was thrown his way.



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