Raiders Move to Vegas


Image result for las vegas raiders

The former Oakland Raiders will become the Las Vegas Raiders after a 31-1 vote. Picture from the NYTimes website.

This situation has sparked controversy in the NFL because it concerns the politics of sports and how and why they were able to do this.

A full report of the story is on The owners of NFL teams voted to approve or disapprove the move. Only 24 votes were needed, but as we all can see, they received way more than that. The only team to vote against the move was the Miami Dolphins who felt that they owed the fans to “do everything we can to stay in the communities that have supported us until all options have been exhausted.”

This move was due to the feeling that the Raiders needed a new start. Las Vegas seems to be the perfect place for this since it’s a booming city with plenty of scenery and opportunity.

According to CBS Sports, Nevada governor, Brian SandovalĀ is excited about the move,

“I’ve said it before, Las Vegas is where the impossible becomes possible. We’ll be fortifying our economy and cementing our position as the number one tourist and hospitality destination on planet Earth.”


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