Gender & the NFL

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Did you know that there aren’t specific rules regarding women playing in the NFl? Picture from the movie The Longshots (

When you watch NFL games, you are probably used to seeing men on the field. You’ll see a male kicker, a male quarterback, and an all male line. However, recently I came across the information that there isn’t a rule against women playing in the NFL.

On in 2015, it states,

The NFL announced last night that, starting in 2012, the league will allow women to play.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made the announcement to a group of reporters outside the NFL headquarters in New York City early Wednesday evening. He said he hoped the decision to include female players would convey the NFL’s more “feminine” and “progressive” sides.

Well, there you have it. Women can play in the NFL, legally, yet you don’t see women playing on the field.

I feel that the NFL made their rules open to women to promote inclusion and diversity within the organization. However, they also probably knew that women weren’t going to take this opportunity. Think about it, the physical stature of a football player versus the physical stature of a woman, athletic or not, is an irrational comparison. I appreciate the NFL for trying to take a step in the matter of gender equality, but I just don’t see this working. However, more female referees, coaches and owners might be a better look for the league.



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