Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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One of the most controversial sports politics topics of all time continues to be debated today. Are the rules holding out on college athletes?

Collegiate athletics are huge, probably extremely close to professional athletics when it comes to popularity. You can catch them on TV and spend hundreds to see them in person just like you can with professional sports. However, professional athletes are bringing in millions to their pockets whereas college athletes are not. The NCAA is racking up, the coaches are making a profit, and the schools themselves are bringing in serious cash. What about the athletes who are actually the ones generating the profits?

I recently took a survey on Twitter and Facebook about the subject. Below are the results of my Twitter poll where 50 people responded.


As you can see, the results were very close. Originally I expected the response so be totally different. I expected the respondents, especially most being college students who follow me on Twitter, to have a majority vote that college athletes should be paid.

My Facebook survey was a bit different since I was actually able to get comments to go with their points of view.


Now my Facebook has a mixture of ages so the responses were a bit different. The ones who said that the athletes shouldn’t get paid had particular reasons that I summarized:

  1. They are there for an education first and foremost. They are most likely there on a scholarship so that should be enough pay.
  2. Their pay comes at the end like other students. For instance, students go to college to get their degree, get their job, and then get paid. Athletes should go to school, declare for a draft, then get their money.
  3. They need to get their professional skills up first. Why give money to average players?
  4. The colleges would have to spit out a lot of money.

For the ones who felt that college athletes SHOULD get paid, here are some of their reasons that I summarized.

  1. A scholarship isn’t equal to what they deserve.
  2. They are not regular students and don’t receive the same freedom and benefits.
  3. Colleges already have a TON of money and continue to make more off of the players. Basically, the coaches, media, and everyone else is making money except for whom deserve it which are the players.

After doing some research on my own and considering the views of both sides, I feel that college athletes SHOULD be paid. They work hard enough and the system is more than able to afford it. Everyone else is making money but the players themselves and that to me is outrageous. Okay, yes they might have a scholarship which entails a free education and housing, but that is not enough for the hard work and commitment they have to put in. They are under a contract which entails that they have to be students and athletes at the same time. They don’t even get benefits from their own paraphernalia being sold! If you ask me, it’s a lot cheaper to be a regular student and that shouldn’t be the case due to the commitment they are forced to put in.

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