Framing Analysis: Left and Right

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Here is a framing analysis assignment from my Blogging Class. We examined left and right articles and broke them down by generic and issue frames.

Left Leaning Article

·       Title: The Case for Immigration

·       Authors: Updated by Matthew Yglesias

·       Date: April 3, 2017

This article embraces the topic of immigration. It opens with George Washington and his vision for an “open America” and how he greatly supported the idea of immigration. It goes on to discuss Donald Trump’s attempts of contradicting this idea of an open and welcoming America. The article describes the positive impacts of welcoming immigrants to America and how it would solve many of the problems we face now.

Generic Frame: “An America that is shrinking is a country that is going to be a lesser force in the world than an America that is growing.”

o   This is a generic frame because it’s not specific to a problem or area. It’s a general claim about America based on the author’s opinion. It also represents inclusivity and values that are represented by Left Leaning views.

o   This is an issue of fact because it results from a difference of opinion about a growing America versus a shrinking America.

Issue Frame: “Immigration to the United States has not, historically, been an act of kindness toward strangers. It’s been a strategy for national growth and national greatness.”

o   I believe that this is a frame of issue because it specifically refers to immigration and how the author feels about the issue at hand. 

o   This is an issue of value because there are different evaluations of Immigration and how it should be valued in America. 

Other ways the story could be told: The story could have included video that backs up the claims made by the author. The author included graphs as visuals, but I feel that video would enhance it. Also, personal testimonies from immigrants or Americans that support immigration would be good to include as well.  


Right Leaning Article

·       Title: Trump’s Wall is Already Collapsing

·       Authors: Steve Chapman

·       Date:  April 3, 2017

This article opens up with Donald Trump’s “promise” to build a wall along the southern border and have Mexico to pay for it. However, there may not be a wall after all, nor will it be paid by Mexico. The whole process is a lot more complicated that they originally believed it to be. The main issue is funding and Democrats are already ready to block any bill that will propose funding for the wall as well.

Generic Frame: “Faced with the funding disagreement with Mexico, Trump included money for the wall in his budget outline, with the funds taken from other programs.”

o   This is a generic frame because it refers to fiscal policy which is a Right Leaning issue that refers to the idea that the government will adjust spending and budget to get a job done.

o   This is an issue of policy because the promise was made but it might not follow through and now there’s conflict over how to get the funds to go through with the policy.

Issue Frame: “But now, in the cold light of day, some facts are coming into focus: It may not exactly be a wall. It won’t be paid for by Mexico. And it may not get built.”

o   This is an issue frame because it specifically discusses the issue of the border wall that Trump wants to build on the Southern American border and how it may not happen after all.

o   This is an issue of fact because the promise of the wall is a fact but there are many interpretations on when, where, and how it is going to be built.

Other ways the story could be told: The article could have included documentation on an approximation of what funds it would take for the wall. Therefore, readers can see for themselves the budget and decide if it’s outrageous or not. The article could have also included Trump’s comments on the situation after he found out that his promise might not follow through after all.

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