Framing Analysis: Left and Right

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Here is a framing analysis assignment from my Blogging Class. We examined left and right articles and broke them down by generic and issue frames. Continue reading “Framing Analysis: Left and Right”


The Salute to Human Rights

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This iconic moment took place back in the 1968 Olympics, but is still relevant to the world today. Picture from AP Photo Continue reading “The Salute to Human Rights”


Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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One of the most controversial sports politics topics of all time continues to be debated today. Are the rules holding out on college athletes? Continue reading “Should College Athletes Get Paid?”


Gender & the NFL

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Did you know that there aren’t specific rules regarding women playing in the NFl? Picture from the movie The Longshots ( Continue reading “Gender & the NFL”


Raiders Move to Vegas


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The former Oakland Raiders will become the Las Vegas Raiders after a 31-1 vote. Picture from the NYTimes website. Continue reading “Raiders Move to Vegas”


The Olympics and the Travel Ban

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President Trump’s executive order involving banning travel from several outside countries could significantly impact the 2024 US Olympics. Continue reading “The Olympics and the Travel Ban”


NCAA & The Confederate Flag


Outside of a NCAA Tournament held in South Carolina, a group of protestors raise the Confederate flag. (AP/from Continue reading “NCAA & The Confederate Flag”


Althea Gibson,”The Female Jackie Robinson”

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In honor of Women’s History Month, I’ll continue by sharing the impact of Althea Gibson on sports and politics. Like Jackie Robinson, Althea helped to break color barriers in sports. Continue reading “Althea Gibson,”The Female Jackie Robinson””


The LGBT Community & Sports

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Much has happened over the years when it comes to the relationship between sports and the LGBT community. We’ve seen the positive and the negative, and we can’t deny the impact that it has had. Continue reading “The LGBT Community & Sports”